Noël Grassl
Naish Team Europe rider

About Noël

Noel our first team member from Austria! He is 18 years old and his main discipline is big air. He started kiteboarding when he was 8 years old on a small island in Greece. His dad, who started kiteboarding in the 90’s, thought him everything. He was the one who stoked him up about this sport, which is something Noël is super grateful for. 

Rider info

Noël Grassl


Day of birth


What is your favorite kite?
For sure the Naish Pivot. 

What is your favorite kitespot?

Neusiedl am See. This is a spot in the North East of Austria. 

What is your local Kite-spot?
My local kitespot is lake Neusiedl. 

What is your ultimate goal to achieve?
My ultimate goal is to make it into King Of The Air. 

What are your hobbies besides kiteboarding?
When there is no wind I love to surf and skate, and in the winter season I do a lot of freestyle skiing.

What is your favorite trick?
My favorite trick is a kiteloop late backroll.

Which rider do you look up to?
Jesse Richman, I think he is one of the coolest guys in this sport with the best riding style and attitude.