Julian Meijvogel
Naish Team Europe rider

About Julian

Julian started kitesurfing when he was around 12 years old when he was dealing with some mental problems and people showed him ‘kitesurfing’. When he saw it he immediately knew that that’s what he wanted to do from that moment on. He’s focused on getting better and better and still loves it every session.

Rider info

Julian Meijvogel

The Netherlands (NL)

Day of birth


What is your favorite kite?
My favorite kite is the 8m Pivot. It’s the perfect kite to progress. 

What is your favorite kitespot?
Cape Town, Dolphin Beach. The atmosphere is just amazing!

What is your local Kite-spot?
My local kitespot is Katwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands.

What is your ultimate goal to achieve?
The ultimate goal for me is to compete at the biggest big air competitions. 

What are your hobbies besides kiteboarding?
I just love the feeling of adrenaline so if I can’t kite you can find me skating, bmx and flipping.

What is your favorite trick?
My favorite trick is the boogie loop board off!

Which rider do you look up to?
Ruben Lenten, because he is a legend.