Jeanne Vanderick
Naish Team Europe rider

About Jeanne


This is Jeanne but everyone knows her as Jany. Jeanne is originally from Belgium but she is currently studying in Maastricht for a bachelor in circular engineering. In 2016 her dad taught her how to kite. Since that moment she is pushing her limits every session!

Rider info

Jeanne Vanderick

Belgian (BE)

Day of birth


What is your favorite kitespot?

When it’s on, Blouberg beach in Cape Town for sure! It is a viby spot, good kickers, strong dense wind that makes me fly and of course the beautiful landscape! 

What is your local Kite-spot?
Saint-Idesbald in Belgium the club is called ’the Kyc’.

What is your ultimate goal to achieve?
There isn’t really an ultimate goal, I just want to be able to push my limits further and further without hurting myself. 

What are your hobbies besides kiteboarding?
I’m an active person so any physical activity that make me feel I did sport is fine for me. I also love traveling and doing kind of extreme things that give me that adrenaline. Shredding the snow in the winter is also something that I really enjoy. 

What is your favorite trick?
The most sensational trick i did so far was the late backrol, I’m still working on the landing though. 

Which rider do you look up to?
Good question, the level is insanely good these days. But I am pretty inspired and impressed by a good friend of mine Francesca Maini, who just did the first double loop as a woman.