Teun Spliethof
Naish Team Europe rider

About Teun

Teun has been flying a kite since he was three years old. Sometimes he was joining his brother when he was sailing. Most of the time when he was sailing he was bored, so when he tried kiteboarding the adrenaline was real! From that moment he was stoked!

Rider info

Teun Spliethof

The Netherlands (NL)

Day of birth


What is your favorite kite?
I have two favorite kites, the PIvot and the Dash! The Pivot is amazing for looping and the Dash is great for my freestyle sessions. 

What is your favorite kitespot?
Workum, because it is my home spot. I haven’t been to a lot of other spots yet, but that will certainly happen in the future and hopefully also abroad. 

What is your local Kite-spot?
My local kitespot is Workum. 

What is your ultimate goal to achieve?
I really want to join the king of the air & participate in the Dutch freestyle championships. By participating in these competitions I hope to get the most out of it, and become better! 

What are your hobbies besides kiteboarding?
Besides kiteboarding I love to hang around with my friends at the beach and having fun!

What is your favorite trick?
My favorite trick is the boogie loop. The feeling that I get when I come out of the rotation is really fantastic! 

Which rider do you look up to?
The kiteboarder I look up to the most is Kevin Langeree. I like his skills and how he motivates others.