Luca Payne
Naish Team Europe rider

About Luca

Luca began kiting at his 14th birthday, this changed his life for ever. Luckely enough he was living in Mauritius at the time, a kiteboarding paradise where he could choose between world class waves and flat water in a daily basis. After living there for a few years, he moved back to Europe and joined the World Class Kiteboarding Academy for the remainder of his high school career. This opportunity helped him to progress immensely and travel to spots all over the world; from the lagoons of Brazil to remote islands of the Phillippines and the world’s longest wave in Peru.

Rider info

Luca Payne

United Kingdom (UK)

Day of birth


What is your favorite kite?
12m Naish Torch for freestyle / 9m Pivot for looping

What is your favorite kitespot?
Secret flat spot in Mauritius

What is your local Kite-spot?
I don’t really have a home spot as I am constantly traveling; for the past winter it was La Ventana in Mexico and I am currently in Hood River for part of the Summer before heading to Karpathos in Greece.

What is your ultimate goal to achieve?
My ultimate goal in kiting would be to at least win the British freestyle championship and also push my big air riding with the hope of competing more in that discipline.

What are your hobbies besides kiteboarding?
Surfing and spearfishing.

What is your favorite trick?
Backmobe is the best feeling trick for me as it requires little effort and it is such a smooth rotation, however to get the adrenaline pumping a late backroll is the way to go!

Which rider do you look up to?
I look up to Oswald Smith as he shreds in a range of disciplines, all with his own style; from looping in boots to his sick wave riding and tweaked out freestyle.